VACANCY: Postdoc (100%, 1 year) to work on ethical AI software project

VACANCY: Postdoc (100%, 1 year) to work on ethical AI software project

Existing AI software development, if it takes into account ethical implications at all, tends to treat dealing with these implications as an optional or ancillary matter. A new FFG-funded collaboration between GradientZero and Professor Mark Coeckelbergh’s research team at the University of Vienna aims to remedy this by creating a development platform that puts ethical issues in AI design and application at the core of the software product. Platform component modules–most importantly privacy, transparency, fairness, and impacts modules—will be integrated into the heart of the platform. The primary work concerns not only raising and discussing the more abstract questions about privacy, transparency, fairness, and impacts, but also collaborating closely with the technical researchers and helping the team to deal with the practical considerations arising from compliance with relevant legal frameworks and the constraints imposed by technical implementation.

In order to meet these challenges, the University of Vienna is hiring a postdoc (100% for 1 year) that will work under Prof. Coeckelbergh’s mentoring and in tandem with GradientZero beginning September 1, 2021. Strong preference will be given to candidates with a philosophical background that possess prior experience with technical projects and interdisciplinary work, and that are fluent in both German and English. Candidates should send a motivation letter and CV to zachary.storms(AT) and be prepared to available to start in September or earlier.