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Interview with ORF on neuroscience and my book, Self-Improvement. 20 March 2023.

Interview with Maja Profaca for Nacional Magazine. 18 March 2023.

Interview and discussion with Martina Mara moderated by Saskia Jungniki-Gossy for Innovator. March 2023.

Interview with Roland Legrand for De Tijd on chat bots. 23 February 2023.

Interview with Lina Paulitsch for Falter. 10 February 2023.

Interview with Johan Braeckman for Humanistisch Verbond. 13 January 2023. [youtube]

Discussion with Fran Segarra for the Human Talks podcast. 12 January 2023.

Interview with Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen about my book, Self-Improvement, for Blog of the APA. 6 January 2023.


Interview with Al Jazeera News on Neuralink. 1 December 2022.

Interview with Paddy Stephens, “Freedom, Regulation, and The Climate Crisis,” for In our Tech Society podcast. 13 November 2022.

Interview with Laurence Van Elegem, “AI for climate: towards environmentally responsible research and innovation’‘ for nexxworks. 9 November 2022.

Interview with Carlotta Böttcher, “Der Mythos der Künstlichen Intelligenz” in 20er, November 2022.

Interview in “Skeptic Check: AI Comes Alive” episode of Big Picture Science podcast. 24 October 2022.

Interview with Deb Donig for the Technically Human Podcast, part of Cal Poly’s Ethical Tech program. 14 October 2022.

Interview with Todd Mei and discussion with Dominic Smith for Mei’s Living Philosophy Podcast. 16 September 2022.

Interview about drones with lethal capacities for BNR Newsradio. 16 August 2022.

Interview with Barbara Steininger about AI in Europe for Trend Magazine. Edition 4, 12 August 2022.

Interview with Magdalena Mayer for WTFAQ-FAQ Bregenzerwald Magazine. August 2022.

Interview with Kimberly Nevala for the Pondering AI Podcast. 3 August 2022.

Interview with Reinoud Kaasschieter on my new book for 23 June 2022.

Interview with David Kotrba on artificial intelligence for futurezone. 13 June 2022.

Interview with Thomas Hödlmoser for Salzburger Nachrichten. 10 June 2022.

Interview with Florentijn van Rootselaar on Green AI for Het Financielle Dagblad. 11 March 2022.

Interview with Katrin Mackowski for ORF Ö1, “Invasivie Technisierung? Technikphilosophie und Technikkritik“. 2 February 2022.

Interview with Rebeca Yanke for El Mundo on Sex Robots.  2 January 2022. [pdf of print edition]


Guest commentary and interview with Technisches Museum Wien. 25 November 2021.

Interview with Momcilo Nikolic for his article “Culture Tech und der Mensch als ewiger Cyborg” in brutkasten magazine. Ausgabe #13 2021.

Panel discussion on Machine Love lead by Katrin Mackowski for ORF. 27 October 2021.

Interview on regulation of AI systems with Al Jazeera News. 22 July 2021.

Interview with Armin Arbeiter for Kurier. 14 July 2021.

Interview for article by Karla Pequenino for Público on EU draft laws on AI. 20 May 2021.

Interview with Tanja Traxler for Der Standard about EU draft laws on AI. 5 May 2021.

Interview with Ruth Fulterer and Jenni Thier for Neue Zürchner Zeitung. 4 May 2021.

Interview with Miklos Lukacs about AI Ethics. 27 April 2021.

Interview about EU draft laws and AI robots by Robert Czepel for ORF. 22 April 2021.

Interview about EU draft laws on AI by Dominique Deckmyn for De Standaard. 22 April 2021.

Interview about EU draft laws on AI by Julia Gindl for Ö1 Matrix. 21 April 2021.

Interview by Ruiheng Xu and Daniel Lim for Duke Kushan University Humanities Research Center. 24 March 2021.

Interview by Andrés Lomeña for Naukas about AI Ethics. 23 March 2021.

Interview by Christian Höller for springerin, “The Price of Freedom.” 1/2021.

Interview by Social Trends Institute (STI) about AI Ethics. 10 February 2021. [Spanish]


Interview by Maciej Chojnowski for sztuczna inteligencja about the anthropocene and tech solutionism. 28 November 2020.

Interview with Radio 1 Beligum about the terror attacks in Vienna, 3 November 2020.

Interview with Tanja Traxler about artificial intelligence, for Der Standard, 16 September 2020.

Interview with Roel van der Heijden regarding drones, for NEMO Kennislink, 28 August 2020.

Interview about the power of four tech giants with Al Jazeera News, 30 July 2020.

Interview with Franziska Wüst regarding the Corona Apps and related topics, for WARDA Magazine, 23 May 2020.

Blog post, “Corona app: Ethical, legal, and societal issues,” for ACRAI‘s blog hosted by Der Standard, 19 May 2020. [German]

Interview with Freek Evers, “Corona-tech is ongezien sociaal experiment,” for De Morgen, 28 April 2020.

Interview with Dominique Deckmyn, “We moeten durven kiezen voor ethische technologie,” for De Standaard, 27 April 2020.

Opinion article with Thomas Metzinger, “Europe needs more guts when it comes to AI ethics“, for Der Tagesspiegel, 14 April 2020.

Guest article for uni:view Magazine, “Digitalization in times of COVID-19“, 8 April 2020.

Interview about the Coronavirus crisis in Austria with Belgium’s Radio 1 “De Ochtend” program, 8 April 2020.

Interview about the Coronavirus crisis and technology companies with Al Jazeera News, 7 April 2020.

Opinion article, “Coronavirus and the Need for Global Governance” for E-International Relations, 6 April 2020.

Book recommendation for University of Vienna’s uni:view Magazine, 6 April 2020.

Signatory of letter to Spanish Government pleading for compliance with the privacy protections of the EU’s General Regulation on Data Protection (GDRP), March 2020. [English translation courtesy of David Leal Olivares]

Interview about EU AI strategy for Al Jazeera TV, 19 February 2020.

Interview concerning Eurpean Commission’s White Paper on AI, ‘Europe unveils its big AI strategy: Others are abusing AI. That mustn’t happen here‘, by Daphne Leprince-Ringuet for ZDNet, 19 February 2020.

Quoted about EU Regulation , ‘Europe wants to compete with the big boys of tech‘, by Natalia Drozdiak and Aoife White for The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 February 2020.

Interview regarding my research during my stay at University of Sydney’s SSSHARC, ‘Can machines imitate human intelligence?‘, by Susan Wyndham, SSSHARC Journalist in Residence, 14 February 2020.


Interview about facial recognition technology ‘Hoe gaan we om met gezichtsherkenning‘, by Nikolas Vanhecke, Dominique Deckmyn for De Standaard, 12 October 2019.

Press coverage of my ‘Moved by Machines‘, ‘Bewogen door machines‘, by Roland Legrand for De Tijd, 23 August 2019.

Interview about Leonardo di Vinci and religion with ORF. 28 April 2018.

Interviews about AI HLEG’s ethics guidlines for trustworthy AI with APA, Der Standard, futurzone, Kronen Zeitung, OE24, ORF,  and Tiroler Tageszeitung. 8 and 9 April 2019.

Interview about involvment in INBOTS for uni:view Magazine, 4 March 2019.

Interview about Humanoid Robots for Das Erste, 24 February 2019.

Interview about AI ethics for De Standaard, 21 February 2019.

Interview about Killer Robots with Jeroen Verelst for Bloovi, 29 January 2019.

Interview for the film ‘Hi, AI‘, released 1 January 2019.


Interview for the piece ‘Blijf van mijn robotlijf‘ by Marc van Dijk for Filosofie Magazine, September 2018.

Interview with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) for European Forum Alpbach programming, ‘Wie human ist die Zukunft?‘, by Julia Gindl, 24 August 2018.

Interview for the article ‘De slimme computer die u niet zomaar gelijk geeft‘ by Freek Evers for DeMorgen, 20 June 2018.

Review of my ‘New Romantic Cyborgs‘, ‘Romantische headset‘, by Roland Legrand for De Tijd, 12 May 2018.

Interview/expert comment for the article ‘Das Digi-Tier und wir’ for ZWEI UND MEHR. Das steirische Familien-Magazin. Volume: Summer 2018.

Interview, together with Janina Loh, Joanna Bryson, Robert Trappl, Oliver Schürer, and Oliver Bendel for the radio program ‘Alexa lacht. Maschinen und andere Gespenster der künstlichen Intelligenz‘ by Katrin Mackowski for Ö1 (Salzburger Nachtstudio), 16 May 2018.

Interview/discussion for the article ‘Hier herrscht eine ziemlich defensive Stimmung‘ by Saskia Jungnikl and Eirik Sedlmair for DATUM – Seiten der Zeit, May 2018.

Interview, together with Janina Loh, Michael Funk, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Oliver Bendel, and Simon Penny for the radio program ‘Die Mängelmaschine. Oder: Was Roboter noch nicht können‘ by Robert Czepel for Ö1, 14 May 2018.

Listed among 5 ‘Belgian voices to follow’ (‘Belgische stemmen om te volgen’) by De Tijd, 12 May 2018 [print version].

Interview for the article ‘Liberté et valeurs humaines dans un monde renouvelé’ for Sciences Psy, 23 March 2018.

Interview, together with Hiroshi Ishiguro, for the article ‘Een robot met bewustzijn? Waarom niet?’ for De Tijd, 24 February 2018. [print version]

Interview for the article “Kooperieren, statt den Menschen zu ersetzen” for Die Presse, 10 February 2018, (published online on 13 February 2018).

Interview for the series “De Nieuwe Mens” for De Morgen, 27 January to 1 February 2018. [print version].

Interview for the article “Hočemo stroje po naši podobi” for IRT 3000, January 2018.


Interview for the article “Een onbehaaglijke confrontatie met onszelf” for De Tijd, 29 December 2017 [print issue 30 December 2018].

Interview for the article “Kryptowährung: Risiken und Nebenwirkungen des Bitcoin” for Spiegel Online, 2 December 2017.

Interview for the article “Computer oder Journalist” for Update (4/17), November 2017.

Interview “‘Robot Ethics’ is not an oxymoron” for STI Social Trends Institute, 13 November 2017.

Interview for the article”Voor extra werkelijkheid: hier swipen” for DeMorgen, 25 October 2017. [print version]

Interview for the article “In 40 dagen van sul tot wereldkampioen” for DeTijd, 20 October 2017. [print version]

Interview for the article “Ledereen Robot?: ETION Forum 2017” for Ondernemen, 73(5), Oktober 2017.

Interview for the radio broadcast “Radiokolleg – Die Grenzen der Empathie” for Austrian radio station Ö1, 16 October 2017.

Interview for article “As AI advances we risk losing our free will” for The Times, 14 October 2017.

Interview for article on Google vacancy writer for digital assistant for DeMorgen, 20 September 2017. [print version]

Podcast “Wanneer ethicus en technicus samenkomen” for gentm Blog, 16 September 2017.

Interview on the nightmare of total transparency for the Wiener Zeitung, 14 September 2017. [print version]

Interview at the Ars Electronica Festival, Linz for FM4 Connected, 10 September 2017.

Interview on cryptocurrencies, banks and democrary for the Austrian newspaper Kurier, 6 September 2017. [printed version]

Interview for press release on Ars Electronica Festival Opening, 1 September 2017. (taken up by Austrian media Volksblatt, Salzburg24,, Salzburger Nachrichten,, Kleine Zeitung, der Standard, and Italian media Südtirol News)

Interview for DeMorgen on ethics of military robots, 22 August 2017.

Interview for DeStandaard on Google, 10 August 2017.

Interview for Handelsblatt on cryptocurrencies, 10 August 2017.

Interview for ZIB2 report (ORF, Austrian Television) on “Gefahren der künstlichen Intelligenz“, 19 July 2017.

Interview for the article “Waarom universele regels voor Facebook een utopie zijn” by Robin Broos, DeMorgen, 22/23 May 2017. [scan]

Interview for the article “Wie legt als eerste perfect extra laagje op realiteit?” by Freek Evers, DeMorgen, 19 May 2017. [scan]

Interview “Episode #21 – Mark Coeckelbergh on Robots and the Tragedy of Automation” by John Danaher for the podcast Algocracy and the Transhumanist Project, 23 April 2017.

Interview “Curators who will have Impact – an interview with Mark Coeckelbergh” by Artdependence Magazine, 06 March 2017.



Interview for the article “Op komst: seksrobots en heel veel vragen. Hoe vrijen met machines tot juridische en ethische discussies zal leiden” by DeMorgen, 23 December 2016. [scan]

Interview “Hør Harddisken: Danskerne frygter ikke kunstig intelligens” by DR Netradio, 25 November 2016.

Interview “There will always be a place for humans” by Theresa Dirtl (uni:view) in the context of University of Vienna’s Semester Question 2016/17 “How are we living in the digital future?“, 28 September 2016 (print version published in univie – Alumni Magazin der Universität Wien, Nr. 03/16)

Interview on robots in health care by Austrian Radio Station Ö1 for their series Journal Panorama, 6 June 2016

Citation of my work on ‘Robots in Health Care’ in Austrian Newspaper DerStandard, 7-8 May 2016

TV Interview about “Total Automation” in ORF Kulturmontag, 21 March 2016

Interview about European research project DREAM in Polish psychology magazine Charaktery, April 2016



Interview about European research project DREAM in Horizon, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine, 19 October 2015

Interview about my comments on the ban sex robots campaign in Leicester Mercury, 2 October 2015

Interview about my book Money Machines in De Standaard (national Belgian newspaper) (pdf) (online:

Article/interview about my book Money Machines in the local newspaper Leicester Mercury, 3 September 2015

Radio interview by BBC Leicester (UK), 28 August 2015  topic: financial technologies     listen to interview

Interview by Stedelijk Interieur, a Dutch magazine on public space       topic: drones     pdf

Radio interview by BBC Leicester (UK), 15 April 2015  topic: cooking robots and drones

Interview by Rick Jacobs about RFID for article ‘Een lege USB-stick in je lichaam‘, published on, 9 April 2015

Radio interview by Radio Sputnik (Russia)  topic: drones and anti-drone tech around the White House

Interview by Myrthe Verweij for article ‘Technologie en activisme: De dubbelrol van de drone‘, published in Down To Earth magazine (Netherlands), 28 April 2015   topic: drones for environmental purposes

Interview by Molly McHugh for the Daily Dot   topic: sex robots

Interview by CNN    topic: Is it cruel to kick a robot dog?


Radio interview by Artyom Tikhomirov for The Voice of Russia about ‘Ethical aspect of drone strikes’ June 24th 2014 [listen] [pdf]

Interview door Roel van der Heijden en Robert Visscher voor het artikel ‘De onbedwingbare drone’, 10 april 2014 op Kennislink


Interview by Hans-Arthur Marsiske (at EU cog meeting), with Alan Winfield, 23-24 October 2013

Radio interview with funx on drones, 8 September 2013 (radio show Spoken) [beluisteren] [pdf]

TV interview about drones in the programme EenVandaag (Dutch national television), 11 June 2013

The ethics of drone fightinginterview in Univers 16 May 2013, three weekly journal of the University of Tilburg 

Maak het niet te simpel om iemand te doden’ interview in UT-Nieuws 13 May 2013, weekly journal of the University of Twente

Kwetsbaar door techniek’ interview in in Tubantia, 26 April 2013 [print]

Interview in the radio programma Twee Dingen op NOS Radio 1 (Dutch national public radio) about drones and the book Human Being @ Risk, 26 March 2013 [beluisteren] [pdf]

Maakt technologie minder kwetsbaar?‘ press release about publication of book Human Being @ Risk on UT website March 2013 (English version)

Interview by NOS Radio 1 (Dutch national public radio) about drones, 25 January 2013 [listen] [pdf]

Interview by NOS op 3 (Dutch national public radio) about drones, 25 January 2013 [pdf]


Interview by Stephen Edwards for a report for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) exploring the interaction between humans and technology, 6 November 2012 [pdf]


Interview by ePractice TV, eHealth & Equity in the Global Health Communities, 15 December 2011 [] [youtube] [pdf]

Interview in: ‘Filosoferen in nieuwe oernatuur‘, 17 June 2011 in Trouw


Interview about health care in Tubantia, 24 December 2010 [pdf]

‘Technologie van tegenwoordig’ radio interview with funx on the future of robotics, October 2010 [beluisteren] [pdf]


Een veelbelovende relatie: mens en robot‘ interview in Second Sight, 8 October 2009 (in Dutch) [on-line]

Robotica vanuit een filosofisch perspectief‘, on-line article on visit to Japan, PSTS site of the University of Twente and 3TU.Ethics site


Filosoof, Schilder, Dichter en Musicus‘ by Jannie Benedictus: article on Mark Coeckelbergh in UT-Nieuws 13 December 2007, weekly journal of the University of Twente (in Dutch)