Introduction to Philosophy of Technology

2020_01 OUP IntroPhilTech Cover

Introduction to Philosophy of Technology

(Oxford University Press, 2019)

Japanese translation: 2023. Tokyo: Maruzen.



Addressing the technological opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, Introduction to Philosophy of Technology offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of philosophy of technology available. It covers several of the classic theories and approaches, but also moves beyond them to explore a broader range of theories and a number of new dynamics in the field, including responding to new technological developments. Esteemed scholar Mark Coeckelbergh emphasizes how new technological developments stimulate philosophical thinking–and rethinking–and how philosophers of technology could do more to interact with other subdisciplines in philosophy and fields beyond academia, such as art and policy.

Introduction to Philosophy of Technology is a model of philosophical clarity. Many will be thrilled to have a textbook written by such an eminent scholar in the field as Professor Coeckelbergh.”–Shannon Vallor, Santa Clara University

“This text is logical, cohesive, and clearly communicated. It is the first and only textbook in the philosophy of technology that is designed for and that can scale to the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.”–David Gunkel, Northern Illinois University

“I would rate the overall quality of this book as excellent. One can imagine students getting excited about the philosophy of technology, and philosophy in general, from reading Coeckelbergh’s work. He writes in a student-friendly manner, with clear and accessible prose.”–Diane Michelfelder, Macalester College