Responsible Entrepreneurship

Bridging between academia and the tech investment world, this project develops an ethical framework for tech investment and innovation in the entrepreneurial context of startups that is useful to both the developers of the technology and those who invest in their startups. 

The project focuses on AI and synthetic biology, areas that are anyway very close to software development, machine learning, in terms of the technologies used today and in terms of the philosophical questions: is DNA human code?

Using philosophy of technology and transdisciplinary methodologies, this project will not only engage with the academic literature in philosophy of technology (tech ethics, AI ethics, ethics of biology) and business ethics/ethics of finance, but also set up a dialogue with, and learn from, tech people from startups and their investors, in order to create bottom-up synergies and feedback loops about what it means to do ethical tech development and investment in the context of startups.

With Céline Pieters and Erich Prem