research themes

Main research interests:

  • philosophy of technology, including philosophy of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • ethics: virtue ethics, ethics of technology, ethics of robotics, ethics of information technology, computer ethics, health care ethics, environmental ethics, animal ethics, …
  • environmental philosophy
  • moral philosophy
  • epistemology
  • philosophical anthropology
  • phenomenology and hermeneutics
  • pragmatism

Other research interests:

  • critical theory
  • art and technology
  • aesthetics
  • political philosophy
  • history of ideas
  • social studies of technology, media and communication studies, anthropology, geography
  • responsible innovation and ethics assessment (e.g. research project SATORI)
  • performance philosophy
  • media studies
  • game studies

Topics include:

  • ethics of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • ethics of robotics
  • technology and performance
  • technology and language
  • ethics of human-robot interaction (e.g. research project DREAM)
  • technology and romanticism
  • environment and romanticism
  • financial technologies
  • technology, environment, skill
  • technology, vulnerability, risk
  • moral status
  • moral imagination
  • responsibility
  • knowledge
  • robots and appearance (see journal articles)
  • robots and the human
  • politics and technology